Meals during your stay at Camp Femern Belt

Lev-Vel (Live Well) – our professional partner in service and individual customisation of the catering.

It is with great pleasure that we can offer delicious catering with a lot of flexibility. Filling meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner contribute to increasing both your job satisfaction and leisure time after a hard day at work.

Meals that take different needs into consideration, including: nutrition, religion, food allergies and intolerances, etc. Should you need catering for meetings, we can take care of that too.

We value personal collaboration, and clear communication about the tasks, so what you expect is what you get.

Our organisation is built on flexibility so what our customers want and need is what we deliver, every day.

We live by the motto: “Everything is possible. Just ask!”

Lev-Vel is organised and employs people who are professional and highly skilled.

Lev-Vel is of course insured and has a high degree of self-regulation and quality control, as a security for our customers as well as our staff.

Lene og Anette Lev Vel

When you stay at Camp Femern Belt nothing should be missing. That is why your stay with us is all inclusive.

We know that it takes a lot of energy to do the great work needed on the Femern project. That is why you of course need access to good food during your stay on Lolland. Our skilled staff makes sure that you get three delicious meals a day.

A delicious buffet is served every day in our dining hall at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is always a variety of food on the menu, so that there is something for everyone. Neither taste buds, nor culture or lifestyle should be keeping you from finding something that you wanna eat in the dining hall.

For those working in Rødbyhavn, it will be possible to get a packed lunch to-go for work.

Bon Appetit!

Get a good start to your day with a delicious breakfast selection

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We believe that all meals are equally important, but that does not make it any less necessary to start the day with a good, solid meal. That is why a big breakfast buffet is part of the deal when you stay with us.

There are always several things to choose between, and ways to adjust your meals to your wishes. After all, you are staying here for a while, so the food should be just the way you like it.

We serve breakfast at 6-8 am, so you have time to eat before work.

Here is an example of what you might find at the breakfast buffet

  • A selection of wheat and whole grain bread.
  • Different cereals such as cornflakes and rolled oats.
  • At least two kinds of cheese.
  • Two kinds of marmalade.
  • Three kinds of cold cuts.
  • A selection of eggs such as boiled and scrambled.
  • Different dairy products such as milk and yogurt.
  • Different kinds of fruit juice.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Tea and coffee.

You can of course make tea and coffee all day, so you can get all the caffeine you desire, or just a delicious cup of tea before bedtime.

Kom godt i gang med dagen med lækkert morgenbord

Nogle siger, at morgenmad er dagens vigtigste måltid. Vi tror på, at alle måltider er lige vigtige, men det gør det ikke mindre nødvendigt at starte dagen med et godt og solidt måltid. Når du bor hos os, er en godt fyldt morgenbuffet derfor en essentiel del af forplejningen.

Der er altid flere ting at vælge imellem, og det er desuden muligt at tilpasse alle måltider dine ønsker. Du skal trods alt bo her i en længere periode, så maden skal gerne være lige som du vil have den.

Vi serverer morgenmad fra kl. 6-8, så du kan nå at få noget med mad, inden du skal møde på arbejde.

Se et eksempel på, hvad vores morgenbuffet kan indeholde

  • Et udvalg af groft og lyst brød.
  • Forskellige morgenmadsprodukter, herunder cornflakes og havregryn.
  • Minimum to slags oste.
  • To slags marmelade.
  • Tre forskellige slags pålæg.
  • Et udvalg af æg, herunder kogte og røræg.
  • Forskellige mejeriprodukter som mælk og yoghurt.
  • Flere varianter af juice.
  • Frisk frugt.
  • Te og kaffe.

Du har naturligvis mulighed for at lave mere te og kaffe i løbet af hele dagen, så du kan få dit daglige koffeinfix eller en kop varm og velduftende te, inden du skal i seng.

Eat your lunch here or bring it to work

We of course have a delicious lunch too as part of your all inclusive stay. You can eat lunch in the dining hall or get it to-go if you are away for lunch. Just let us know that you will be away, and our skilled staff will make sure to pack a delicious lunch for you.

If you are home for lunch, it is served in the dining hall from 12-14 (12 pm – 2 pm).

Here is an example of the lunch

  • Four kinds of cold cuts and sandwich spreads
  • A hot dish
  • Salad bar
  • A selection of bread

We serve water with lunch, and you get a bottle of mineral water if you get your lunch to-go.

Come home to a delicious dinner

While you were at work in Rødbyhavn, a delicious meal awaits you at home as part of the all inclusive stay. Not too bad, right?

After a long day at work, your body is running low on energy. That is why it is important to have a good dinner, so you can get through the rest of the day.

Dinner is served from 18-20 (6 pm – 8 pm), so you can have your dinner even if you get home a bit late. If you have some time before dinner, you can use some of our many activities. We have a gym, football field, and an activity room to try out.

Then you will also be extra hungry for dinner.

An example of our dinner buffet:

  • Two to three main dishes with side dishes to match. At least one of the mains is without pork.
  • Salad bar

An all inclusive experience with food for body and soul

When we welcome you at Camp Femern Belt it is with open arms and delicious and healthy meals. You are here to work, so of course you need good food to keep up your energy all day.

That is why we have worked hard to create dishes that fill you up and taste delicious too. You need something good to look forward to at the end of work, and that is guaranteed if you stay with us, all inclusive.

We look forward to seeing you at Camp Femern Belt. We promise to have the food ready