Fitness and leisure time

At Camp Femern Belt we want to offer healthy and fun leisure activities so you can keep your body and mind healthy while being posted on the Femern project. That is why we offer ways to exercise at the hotel. We have our very own gym, football field, and much more.

It is important that you can relax in your time off, and it has to be possible to keep up your hobbies without too much hassle. That is why you can find most of what you need here at the camp.

In addition to fitness and football you will also find a number of other activities that are available to you, and which are of course completely free when you stay with us.

Do not miss your fitness routine while you are on Lolland

While posted, you will be staying in surroundings that are very different from those you are used to from home. If you have a fitness routine which has become a part of your everyday life, it should be possible for you to keep it up while staying with us. We think that it is important that you have the option to keep up your healthy routines from home while you work on the Femern project here on Lolland. That is why it should be easy for you to exercise near Rødbyhavn.

Luckily, you do not have to search far and wide for a gym in the area when you are staying with us. We have our very own gym and exercise area here at the hotel, which you can use as much as you want. So even though your surroundings are new, you can keep up your healthy habits from home by using our gym.

Our fitness option is designed with those posted in Rødbyhavn in mind. You should want to use the options offered at the hotel. That is why you will find a professional selection of exercise machines and equipment so you can exercise exactly like you did in your local gym at home.

So, go for it and enjoy that it is incredibly easy to exercise here. You will not find a gym closer to both your home here and your work in Rødbyhavn. The gym is free to use and included in your stay.

If you do not like the gym and lifting weights, luckily we have other options for you to use your leisure time for something fun.

Use the cosy indoor activities – Fitness and leisure time

When you are not exercising in our gym, you can find a lot of fun activities in the common areas.

It is important to socialise and create a community when you are posted. You are away from family and friends and your normal everyday life. That is why it is important with a lot of options to relax and chill out with your colleagues. You could for example do that with billiards and table tennis, which you will find in the common room.

Have fun with outdoor activities

If you are posted at Rødbyhavn during the summer, there are some great ways to enjoy the heat and sun while you are staying with us. Our hotel has big outdoor areas with grass that can be used freely. So there is a lot of space to relax and play in the sun.

From work to ball games

Grass is of course just grass until someone transforms it into nature’s activity room, and the big lawns should of course be used for something. That is why we have established a football field so you can burn off some energy after work.

If you need some variation from the gym, or if you just do not want to spend your free time on fitness, then you can get the blood pumping on the football field. You live together with a lot of people while you are staying here on Lolland, so a friendly game of football is a fun idea.

Enjoy your summer on Lolland at our barbeque area

Wellness is not just about fitness, so being able to relax is very important, and we have a lot of space for that. The football field does by no means take up the whole outdoor area, so there is also room for a barbeque area that is free to use at any time.

So when you are not in the gym or on the football field, you can enjoy your life and the warm summer evenings on Lolland with a fun barbeque with your colleagues. There is nothing like coming home from work to the smell of barbeque meat and sauce, right?

Find the balance between fitness, leisure time and work

With the many opportunities for being active in your spare time, we have done our part to make sure that you can have a good balance between your work and free time while you stay with us.

When you need to unwind after work, you can do it right where you are living. We hope that it gives you more energy for socialising in your leisure time so your stay becomes practical and cosy while you are posted in Rødbyhavn.

All leisure time activities are part of staying at Camp Femern Belt. Nothing is extra or difficult to access.