Camp Femern location

Are you staying with us while posted to work on the Femern project? A great stay starts before you even arrive at our hotel. We have collected all the important information on our website, which you will need to have a nice stay. We have prepared directions for you, so you can reach the hotel without trouble.

Our hotel, Camp Femern Belt, is located in the little town of Søllested, on the island of Lolland, just 20 km away from the construction site of the Femern-tunnel in Rødbyhavn. You can easily get from the camp to the construction sites and back, and you can enjoy your spare time in a calming and relaxing environment.

Welcome to Søllested, Lolland

Søllested is a cosy town on the island of Lolland, which is filled with charming old houses and surrounded by astonishing nature. It is in the middle of this nature that our hotel camp is located. There are a lot of bigger towns nearby, where you can shop and enjoy everything that Lolland has to offer while you stay with us.

Rødbyhavn is close by, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to get back and forth from camp to the construction site. This will give you more time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and to recharge in your spare time.

Find your way to the cosy hotel on the island of Lolland

Camp Femern Belt is located on the island of Lolland, which is located south of Zealand with the island of Falster.

Our address is Hvilested 1, 4920 Søllested, and we are located on a small road off of the main road, Rødbyvej. It is quite easy to find if you follow our directions, because we are located away from the main road, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet while staying here.

This is how you reach the Camp Femern Belt

From Funen:

It is possible to reach Lolland from both Zealand and from Funen. If you are coming from Funen, you have to take the ferry from Spodsbjerg on the island of Langeland. Then you follow the Spodsbjegvej/Route 9 all the way to route 275, which leads directly through Søllested and further on to Rødbyvej, where you can take a turn toward Hvilested.

From Zealand:

When you are coming from Zealand, you can just follow the E47 highway all the way to Lolland. In the town of Maribo, you turn on to Vestrelandvej towards Nørreballe. After 18 km you turn right and follow Højrebyvej.

You will reach a roundabout where you take the third exit on to Rødbyvej. After 1,5 km you will reach Hvilested on your right. A little further down the road Camp Femern Belt is located.

From here it is not far to Rødbyhavn, where the construction of the Femern Tunnel takes place. We have a lot of space for parking, so you can easily bring your car and drive to and from work everyday, or you can take the bus.

We look forward to welcoming you to our lovely place, and hope that you will enjoy your stay as much as we will enjoy having you here. We have made sure that nothing is missing, so that you can enjoy life while working in Rødbyhavn.