About Camp Femern Belt

In 2011, when it was decided that a tunnel should be built under the Femern Belt, it was the basis for a lot of new jobs. After all, you do not just build the world’s longest immersion tunnel. But you know that much better than we do, because if you have ended up on our website, it is probably because you are one of the skilled people who are on the job, making the tunnel a reality. You are probably also here because you are looking for a good place to lay your head down and leave your luggage, if you are one of the many people posted in connection to the Femern project.

Camp Femern Belt is for those of you who are working on building a tunnel under the Femern Belt. If you do not live close to the construction site in Rødby, you will need accommodation while working here. That is what we offer – and so much more.

Quality accommodation in accordance with public requirements

It is our job to make sure that you have a good place to stay while you are posted here. That is why we offer much more than just a place to sleep. We do that because when you are posted, much of your life will be about the work. You are away from family, friends, and your familiar surroundings and we want to offer you more than just a place to rest your body between days of work. It is also completely in accordance with the requirements that have been set in connection with the construction of the Femern tunnel, where requirements have specifically been set for the workers’ accommodation.

Femern A/S, which is owned by the Danish government, is the developer of the tunnel under the Femern Belt. It is a huge project, which requires a lot of hands. That is why a lot of extra housing is needed to accommodate the many people who are working on the project. Femern A/S built housing for the first 100 workers to set the standard.

Steen Lykke, the technical manager of the company in 2013, stated back then that it was important to Femern A/S that they made demands in the contract for the contractors on the job, which made the importance of proper accommodation clear. In addition, the developers wanted to be responsible for the first accommodation themselves, so that they could set the standard for the accomodation offered to the posted workers.

It is going to take about 8.5 years to build the Femern tunnel, and during that time a lot of people will be working on the project, and they will not all be local. Those people need a place to stay, and it needs to be in nice, comfortable surroundings.

High demands are made of the tunnel-workers’ accommodation

It is no small feat to live up to the developers’ demands for the posted workers’ accommodation. It is not enough to provide a place to sleep. It must be taken into account that people have family at home, which they need to be able to stay in contact with. It is also important that there are ways to socialise during leisure time, so the workers are not bound to stay in their rooms when the workday is over.

But, because they are here to work, it is also important that you can retreat to comfortable rooms, and there are strict rules about a low level of noise. We all know that it is very important to get a good night’s sleep before a day of hard work.

Here is a simple overview of some of the requirements for the accommodation:

Get easily to and from your work at Femern Belt

Camp Femern Belt has three large buildings, that have been specifically prepared for the workers on the Femern connection. That is why we fulfill all the requirements for accommodation for the tunnel workers. This applies to workmen and office workers, and if you work in offices or in the eye of the storm, right on the construction site for the Femern tunnel.

Our camp is located in Søllested, which is only 20 km from Rødbyhavn where the construction of the Femern tunnel is taking place. There is even a bus to and from work to the camp.

Live close and comfortable by Femern Belt

Our purpose is to offer the executing contractor accommodation that lives up to the standard set by Femern A/S at the very beginning. All rooms are single, and 27 of them have their own shower and toilet and the rest have shared facilities in the hallway.

But we do not just have these great conditions because they are a requirement. That is why we have put a lot of time and energy into making our accommodation feel like a home. Living here should be as comfortable as living in your own home. There are just a few differences between your home and your new accommodation at Femern Belt.

When you are a hardworking employee working on the Femern tunnel and staying with us you get access to leisure time activities such as billiards and table tennis where you can relax with the other guests.

In our opinion, it has to be cosy and fun being posted.

The camp also has offices and meeting rooms. That means that we can offer accommodation to workers who spend their days at the construction site in Rødbyhavn, as well as those who work at a desk and need an office.

Ideal accommodation for all those working on the Femern tunnel

The accommodation that we offer is located both close to the construction site in Rødbyhavn and it is ideal for both workmen and those who work in an office. With well designed rooms, meeting rooms, and offices you can stay and work close to the construction site of the Femern tunnel.

It means that we offer ideal ways to balance work and play, even though work is what brought you here. Leisure time is very important for our performance at work. Studies actually show that there are many benefits to prioritising leisure time:

  • It makes us happier
  • We feel less pain in our bodies
  • More energy

That is why it is really important that the accommodation offered to the people working by the Femern Belt has ideal options for all your leisure activities and needs, so that the line between work and play does not become too blurred.

We offer many ways to take a break from work – physically and mentally – to promote general happiness and well-being

  • Cosy common room with table tennis, billiards, and exercise options.
  • Options for visiting family to stay over.
  • Scenic surroundings where you can go for beautiful walks

Retreat to your private room and enjoy the peace and quiet

Our three large buildings house the rooms, the dining hall, and a common room with billiards, table tennis, and exercise options. The rooms all have WI-FI, a desk, and a bed. A lot of our rooms have their own shower and toilet. The rest of the rooms have shared bathrooms in the hallway. There are also several shared kitchens.

One of the most important things that we offer is quiet surroundings. Surrounded by fields and scenic nature you will find Camp Femern Belt relatively undisturbed. Here you will find good conditions for a good night’s sleep before a hard day’s work, or to enjoy a quiet evening in your room.

Local staff for the Femern tunnel and camp

A lot of skilled people are coming here to construct the Femern tunnel. It is a connection that will be important for collaborating across borders, and it will open up new possibilities for individuals as well as companies. The construction is good for the local people too.

On the website for the Femern project it says that during construction, it will employ around 3,000 people at the construction site in Rødbyhavn. You might be one of them? But even though a lot of people are from further away, a lot of them will also be local.

We also hire local people for our camp, so it is the people from Lolland-Falster who benefit from all the new people. We work with local companies for catering and cleaning, and they make sure that everything is top-notch when you are staying with us.