Do you and your employees need a place to stay while you work on the Femern Project? Then our hotel is a really good choice, if we may say so.

Ask yourself: Do you need a bed? Check – we have lots of those. Three delicious meals? Check – and they are served over a period of time to fit your schedule. Gym? Check – a nice and professional one at that. Can we think of anything else? Check. We have a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy your spare time, when you stay with us.

We offer comfortable beds, hot meals, and a lot of exciting activities in the area. It is all surrounded by beautiful nature, with bus connections to Rødbyhavn, where the Femern project is happening.

When you choose to stay with us, you get much more than a bed to sleep in; you also get the opportunity to have a lot of good experiences.

Stay in beautiful surroundings close to the Femern construction site

When you stay with us on Lolland, you are surrounded by beautiful, scenic nature. So even though you came here for work, we think that you should use the opportunity to explore the area.

The hotel Camp Femern Belt is located in a charming rural area in Søllested. Here in the old railway town you will find charming old houses and the beautiful Forest of Søllested, with many paths to lead you through the forest.

The area also has some charming old churches and beautiful old manors to look at on your walks.

If you do not mind driving a bit to see what nature has to offer, then Lolland is your personal wonderland. Here are some of the scenic areas that are worth a visit while you are staying here. The distance is from the hotel to location.

  • Peter Hansens Have (Peter Hansen’s Garden): 23 km.
  • Fjordstien ved Sakskøbing (The inlet hiking trail by Sakskøbing): 29 km.
  • Søholt Barokhave (Søholt Baroque Garden): 22 km.

But you do not have to love long walks in the forest and old houses to love staying at our hotel on Lolland. There are a lot of other things to do, while you are staying with us.

Hotel close to work and social activities

The advantage of our hotel is that you have everything you need, close by. You can get to and from work easily, both by car and bus. When you are at home at the hotel you also have ample opportunity to enjoy your spare time, without having to drive far. You actually do not have to drive at all, since our hotel offers so many activities on-site.

With a busy workday, it is nice with good opportunities to enjoy an evening in pleasant company, without having to drive anywhere. That is why we of course offer good opportunities to be social at our hotel. As you can read about here, we have an activity room with a billiards/pool table, table tennis, and table football. In the grassy outdoor area you will find a football field and a barbeque area.

Inside we also have a TV room where you can rest your head and surf all the channels. If you instead would like to exercise, you can use the hotel’s own gym.

If you do feel like going somewhere anyway, Lolland is filled with exciting activities. It does not have to be nature-related, even though Lolland has a lot of those. The island is not just for lovers of nature and posted workers.

Stay in a hotel close to Femern and discover the history of the area

If you want to travel back in history, then you can use your stay to visit some of the many ancient monuments and ruins in the area. If you are posted for a longer period of time, you might have some days off to fill. That is when it might be interesting to visit some historical places that are a bit further from our hotel.

In Maribo, which is less than 20 km from the hotel, you will find things such as the old monastery ruins of the Bridgettine nuns from the 1500s, which is an interesting visit. If you are already visiting ruins on Lolland, then take a look at these. The distance is from the hotel to the ruin.

  • Glentehøj: 17 km.
  • Engelsborg: 24 km.
  • Nykøbing F. Slotsruin 45 km.

There are of course a lot of other monuments and museums to explore while on Lolland. If you need a change of scenery, there are also a lot of delicious culinary experiences in the area. You might find something extra delicious to bring home for the barbeque.

Grocery shopping in the area

Even though you can get all your meals in the dining hall, where your preferences are taken into account, you can of course also go grocery shopping locally. We all need a cosy night in, and we all love snacks for that, right?

Staying in Søllested, Lolland places you close to several places to do your shopping, and it does not hurt that the trip into town is through a beautiful pastoral area. Søllested is a charming little town, but even though it is small you will find the supermarket Fakta, only 2,6 km from the hotel.

The supermarket has a big selection of groceries that you can use to supplement the food we serve, if you should be so inclined.

Enjoy both work and leisure time when you stay at Camp Femern Belt

We hope that you can see the many advantages of choosing us for your accommodation when you are posted for the Femern project.

Accommodation on Lolland in connection to the Femern project offers so much more than just work, and at our hotel you can really enjoy your spare time, the rural surroundings, the beautiful nature, and get some exciting experiences that you can take with you when you leave.

Our skilled staff, who take care of both the cooking and the cleaning, make sure that you can relax properly in your spare time, so that you are well rested for work.

It is easy to get visits from your family when you are staying at our hotel on Lolland while working on the Femern project, so that you will not be missing them too much.

Even when the family is not visiting, there are plenty of ways to transform the hours between work to leisure time. Work does not have to be the only thing you do here. Especially when you are staying on such a lovely island as Lolland.

Explore Lolland with your family while you are staying here

You might get visits from your family while you are posted, and there is room for them at the hotel too. There are also many opportunities to give them a good experience while they are here.

There are a lot of attractions in the area that are worth exploring together. With children too. If you have children coming to visit, there are actually a lot of activities that they will absolutely love.

You could go to one of the many zoos and wildlife parks. There is one just 40 minutes away by car, which all kids who are fascinated by reptiles will definitely love. Here are some of the other attractions that can turn your stay here into an adventure of experiences for visiting children. Note that the distance given is from the hotel to the attraction.