Cleaning and laundry

Lev-Vel (Live Well) – our professional partner in service and individual customisation of cleaning and laundry.

It is with great pleasure that we can offer cleaning and laundry with a lot of flexibility.

To ensure that the hard-working people can relax as much as possible after a long day at work, we offer cleaning of the common areas, rooms, laundry, bed linens, which all comply with hygiene requirements, allergies, etc.

Part of what you get as part of your stay at Camp Femern Belt is professional cleaning of your room once a week, including a change of linens and clean towels.

We value personal collaboration, and clear communication about the tasks, so what you expect is what you get. Our organisation is built on flexibility so what our customers want and need is what we deliver, every day.

We live by the motto: “Everything is possible. Just ask!”

Lev-Vel is organised and employs people who are professional and highly skilled.

Lev-Vel is of course insured and has a high degree of self-regulation and quality control, as a security for our customers as well as our staff.

Lene og Anette Lev Vel

User-friendly laundry room and laundry service

We offer to wash your clothes and linen, but we also have a professional level laundry room with modern Miele washers and dryers so you have the option to do your own laundry. It is a user-friendly laundry room, so we can find the best solution to the needs of the individual guest.