Camp Femern Bælt

Camp Fehmarn Belt is a complete solution, where everything has been thought of and where almost all of the tenant’s wishes are fulfilled.

Camp Fehmarn Belt at Søllested, consists of three buildings, with a combined area of 2859 M2. The property is to be used as accommodation in conjunction with the construction of the fixed link under the Fehmarn belt.

The clientele who will be accommodated at Camp Fehmarn Belt, are those who work on a daily basis in Rødby. This is for people who do not live in the local vicinity or on Lolland-Falster, who need accommodation during the construction of the link connection between Germany and Denmark.

The purpose of establishing accommodation at Camp Fehmarn Belt is to offer the main contractor improved accommodation facilities.

Accommodation at Camp Fehmarn Belt provides relaxing surroundings, which are necessary for people who work on a daily basis on the project in Rødby. Furthermore, the accommodation will provide improved visitation options for families that come and visit the individuals, who are posted over longer periods of time.

It is important that hard working employees receive proper sustenance, both physically and mentally. This is facilitated by retiring to the calm surroundings at Camp Fehmarn belt, where the personnel provide good accommodation and food.

This is in accordance with the values in Fehmarn’s project CSR, which stipulates that employees must have good accommodation and facilities throughout the duration of the project. This is an important element in maintaining the employee’s health, both physically and mentally.

Amongst other things we offer

    • Single room accommodation.
    • Full board tenancy.
    • Office and meeting room facilities.
    • Busses to and from the work site.
    • WI-FI
    • TV-packages
    • Cleaning of all communal and private rooms.
    • Outdoor areas are maintained by gardeners.
    • Window cleaning and external maintenance of building.
    • Fully equipped fitness center with free membership.
    • Chill out area for socializing with pool tables and table tennis.
    • Family visitation is allowed.
    • Access to communal laundry areas.